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Representative(General Manager) 

My name is Fe Benitez. I couldn’t work in Japan as a trainee. But now I had a new mission. It’s to support many Filipino trainees to work in Japan.
As you know, Philippines is a country of Overseas Foreign Workers. Because we can speak English well, so many countries require us as employees. But we want to go to work in Japan. Japan has many nature, culture, history and noble philosophy for work. We Filipino want to work with Japanese person. And we know Japanese person is very kind. So I also hope many Filipino trainees can have a heart-warming terms with Japanese person….
At lease the money trainees earned will make their family happy and make children give higher education. Next generation will change this country Philippines….Thank you and thank you for every Japanese…..
 みなさんもご存知の通り、フィリピンは出稼ぎの国です。それは私たちが英語をうまく話せることによります。たくさんの国から労働力を要求されています。しかし私たちは日本で働きたいのです。日本には自然、文化、歴史 そして労働に対する崇高な理念があります。そんな日本人の方たちと一緒に働いてみたいのです。そして日本人は、とても親切です。私はたくさんのフィリピン人技能実習生が日本人の皆さんと心温まる交流をしてほしいと思います。

Chief Director
Ken Sakakibara 榊原 研

 そんなとき、実習生たちがこう進言してくれたのです。「社長! ぼくたちは夜だけでいい!ぼくたちが夜機械を回すよ」!できるわけないよ・・・という先入観から社員たちにお願いしたこともありませんでした。しかし、実習生がそう言ってくれたのです。不安でしたが、行動に移しました。そして 3か月もしないうちに効果は現れました。我が社は経営体質さへも、大きく変えるチャンスを得たのです。フィリピン人に命を救われたといっても言い過ぎではありません。
My company in Japan ( NETS INC.) have employed many Filipino technical trainees from Philippines from 13 years ago. But in that term, the company was deficit. At book binding department, proper staffs, part-time workers and trainees worked in day time shift only. Proper staffs and trainees worked over time every night till PM11. All of them was so tired and exhausted.
At such time trainees adviced me they will work only night time shift. Impossible…I thought for a long time, so I never asked them to work night shift…However they said by themselves…I was so afraid if they can do it….but I put it into execution. Then within 3months, the effect appeared. My company could get the opportunity to change mour management constitution, It is not too much to say I was saved my life by Filipino trainees.
Now I made a Japanese school for Filipino trainees in Cebu, Philippines, and started schooling for Filipino, by Filipino. This was raised from my requital of a favor…..To create many employment must make Filipino life, consciousness, way of life change.
I only say thank you to President Fe in the first place and many Filipino staffs.